Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Annual Clean House Photo


My living room looked nothing like this photo this morning. And this afternoon I had to stage the photo just right so that you could not see into any other room, like the kitchen. Especially the kitchen.

But this evening the kitchen and bathroom are passable. (We won’t talk about the bedrooms.) Please stop by unexpectedly while my house is clean. You have five minutes to get here.


I don’t usually have quite so much furniture in here, but I added a coffee table and a few chairs (and removed about 50 books from the large ottoman) in preparation for book club this evening.

I adore my new entertainment center. I was so sick of that huge red armoir (and old television) that took up a ginormous amount of space and jutted its sharp corners into the room. This one is stream-lined, fits the space perfectly, and holds a huge number of DVDs and other odds and ends in the spacious drawers. It’s a tricky space because we have a wall heater near the floor, and I was ecstatic when we saw this at IKEA for much less than we would have spent to make something custom and not as nice. (The shelves and drawers are customizable.)


Time’s up.

The couch is now full of laundry.

Working Hard(ly)

Lola Construction

Well, some of us are. Levi’s been working solid days on his school work. Leif, however, slips away whenever possible. At least he leaves me updates on his whiteboard that he is supposed to be using for math…

School Work

I hate those projects that start with a mess and make a bigger mess.

We’re hoping to get our house and shop painted. Which means that all the junk on the porches (remember I said they were dumps?) and even more junk all around the shop needed to be dealt with so that Russ could pressure-wash everything. The reasonable thing was to dump it all in the front lawn and driveway. Um, ugh.

It was a long weekend, and Russ has been burning (like usual) both ends of the candle.

But we’ve got it mostly taken care of. The exterior of the house is clean, at least. And the lawn is free of debris. That’s something.

Now to clean the inside of my house so I’m not terribly embarrassed when 8 women (we’re missing more than half the group this month) arrive this evening to discuss Hamlet.

[I love my people. We’re spending 10 months (two per act) on Hamlet. For each act, we will be practicing one of Aristotle’s topics of invention (definition, comparison, relationship, circumstance, and testimony) as well as reading aloud within the group. Fun. Stuff.]

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back To School {Fun}

back to school excitement

In the past years we’ve done several (not)back-to-school events in September. This year is a bit different, but I am honestly ready for the change. Less going. More doing. More rest.

We did, however, attend the back-to-school event for our charter school this past Friday. We spent time at the Riverfront Carousel in Salem, picnicked in the park, and then walked over to the A.C. Gilbert Children’s Museum to play for a couple hours. I have no idea why I have no pictures from the museum. I think I was trying to be “in the moment.” Or maybe I was tired. [nah, that couldn’t be…]

The weather was perfection. The kids loved the location, loved spending time with their friends, and enjoyed meeting their new teacher. Success.

[Levi did some math on the way there and worked on the weekend to make up for the missed day. No more playing hookey.]

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cowgirl Ivy Turns 10

Ivy's 10th Birthday

[I’m a couple weekends behind in posting, but what’s new?]

We attended Ivy’s “cowgirl” birthday party. It was nothing less than usual. A general store. Horse (okay, just saddle) rides. Wanted posters and mustaches. An amazing spread of BBQ chicken drumsticks, cornbread, and beans. “Dirt” cake, rice krispie treat hay bales, and cowboy hat cookies.

Lola started out in a cute cowgirl outfit, but she disappeared upstairs. When I found her, she was in an outfit from the “costume closet.” It seems she thought the party was one saloon girl short. With Oreo face and mismatched pigtails, no less.


Friday, September 12, 2014



I read an article this evening that struck me as important in this age of social media and in my life as a blogger: Instagram Envy, Being Authentic on the Internet, and When It’s Time to Break Up with a Blog @ Carrots for Michaelmas. I encourage y’all to go read the whole thing, but a couple points jumped out at me. They might be obvious, and yet we I forget them all the time.

I compare my unedited life with someone else’s edited life when I browse the social media/blog world.

This goes one of two ways for me: 1.) the person is a great writer and can make even the worst struggles either beautifully poignant or absolutely hilarious or 2.) the person is a fantastic photographer.

What I need to remember is that both the writer and the photographer are artists, and their art is purposeful—edited to deliver a message. My life, the day-to-day nitty-gritty, is unedited. I see everything, warts and dirty dishes and failures and all. It’s not fair of me to compare the two.

Authenticity in my own blogging means that no one should meet the real me or see my real world and be surprised.

I try, I really do try to be authentic in this space. It’s very difficult for me to show that through photography, however, because as an artist I want my pictures to be beautiful. And life is not always, sometimes not at all, beautiful. And sometimes the un-beautiful is not my story to share. I must be respectful of those whose stories are woven with mine. I am also not the brilliant writer who can weave a story to make you cry or laugh.

Really, there is more to say, like the fact that we have responsibility as blog readers and social media browsers to be aware of our own weaknesses and aware of what brings us joy or builds us up, but I need sleep so I’ll end this quick post with some authentic friend-to-friend honesty:

  • I can’t stick to diets or schedules. I love to eat junk food, and I am selfish and have poor self-discipline. I’d love to sleep 10 hours every night.
  • I don’t get up early every (any) morning. I’m terrible at making time for devotions or quiet time.
  • I take everything personally and get defensive at the slightest (imagined) criticism. And then I spend hours ranting in my head and having imaginary conversations with people who will never win the argument because I’m doing the talking for them.
  • I let little things bother me like a bur under the saddle. Like the lady at the children’s museum today who said my 3-year-old shouldn’t be running in the huge outdoor play area (after I used the phrase “she’s tired from running around in the heat for the past two hours”). Seriously?! I’m supposed to keep my toddler and three boys at a calm walking speed in an outdoor play area with ramps and ropes and stairs and slides and tunnels and mazes and whatnot? Whatever. Or that longtime friend who blocked me on Facebook (not unfriended—BLOCKED) with no obvious reason or communication whatsoever as if we (she) were middle-schoolers. Whatever.
  • We are sit-down family dinner failures in our house.
  • My front porch (and back porch, honestly) looks like a dump.
  • I am terrible at getting things done unless I have a deadline or a specific commitment. And then I wait until last-minute (or last-second) panic sets in.
  • I lose my temper with my children. Often. And it isn’t pretty.
  • I could enjoy reading a steady diet of romance novels and nothing else.
  • I could enjoy watching a steady diet chick flicks and nothing else.
  • I crave affirmation and praise.
  • I prefer need a day’s notice (or more) if someone wants to visit me at my house.
  • I am not good at house cleaning, much less deep cleaning. It takes me all day just to pick up surface junk, and then I’m too tired to clean.
  • I hate to volunteer for things.
  • My boys are voracious readers, but I assure you, they have less than impressive or pleasant qualities as well. (Ha!)

This list could go on for a long time, but maybe this will help some of you have a more realistic idea of my unedited life. [wry grin]

And now I’m curious. If you read my blog and then met me in person, were you surprised? It is my sincere desire that this blog be an authentic space, and I want to work on that if I’m falling short.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

And So It Begins


We’re both finding out what a full day of lessons is like. It might take several weeks to get our groove and increase the independence. This week, in particular, is a bit chaotic. His tutor has been very ill, and we’re doubling up classes and assignments this first week. I’ll know better what “normal” might look like at the end of next week.

He and I are going to be stretched and learn a lot this year, that’s for sure.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Beginning of the 9th Year @ Mt. Hope Academy!


I started reading and math lessons with Levi when he turned 4. And here we are, eight and a half years later. It’s shocking, really. I always knew this is what I wanted to do, but some days I didn’t think I’d make it another week—or even another hour. [wry grin]

I’ve chronicled the past seven years of home school here on the blog. [SEVEN+ YEARS of blogging. That boggles my mind.]

But check out these lovely students:

Mt Hope Academy Students


I described my students four years ago, and not much has changed.

(Other than adding one more big distraction student, of course.)

But now I have a brooding adolescent middle school student on my hands. (I shared about Levi’s personality here.) In many ways he is still the same as he was four years ago, though.

I will say that Luke has gotten so. much. easier. than when he was younger because he is suddenly capable. He mows, he fixes things, he organizes things, he works on lists independently, and he is motivated by incentives. (I shared about Luke’s personality here.)

Leif is much the same as always (so sweet and loving, so ornery, so difficult to keep focused, so smart when he’s reading and talking independently, so sneaky, so stubborn about assigned lessons, and so like a puppy that can’t control his mouth or body).

Lola is audacious and interactive and hilarious and very, very distracting. And unable to entertain herself independently.

This should be an exciting year!


Some of my favorite posts that describe what we’re currently all about here at Mt. Hope Academy:

::  Classical Conversations (not much has changed since this third year update, though we’re now in our 5th year)

::  Classical Conversations Challenge (the main thing that has changed is that Levi is starting the Challenge level this year)

::  Our Big-Picture Educational Scope and Sequence Integrated with Classical Conversations (because we don’t just do CC! and there are more links in this post)

::  The Great Conversation (our over-arching themes and philosophy)

::  The Trivium: Instructions for Living a Life (because it isn’t just school)


I think we’re ready for a new year.



Sunday, September 7, 2014

As Ready as We’ll Ever Be


This past week’s TO DO list:

Levi complete week 1 Challenge assignments (and get a head start on week 2, due to the short week) [Completed more math, geography, Latin, and more this week; hoping to make this double first week not quite so crazy.]

Organize independent work notebooks for Leif and Luke. [I guess I’ll work more on that this week.]

Organize filing system for books, completed paper, and supplies in kitchen and living room. [Still in progress.]

Organize independent reading selections (history, literature, science, art, math, etc…) for the first few weeks. [Nope.]

Get notebooks and supplies for Essentials ready.

Clean Lola’s room (purge toys and clothes). [Needs more work.]

Clean Boys’ room (purge toys and clothes). [Needs more work.]

Clean house. Catch up on all laundry. [As caught up on both as I’m ever going to be…]

Meal plan for September. Grocery shopping. [Grocery shopping done. Meal plan only through this week.]

Finish summer blog posts.

Quit drinking Dr. Pepper/Paleo-ish  [Did well until today, Sunday. Back to the grindstone tomorrow.]

Hair cut for me.

Edit Kelley family photo session. [Halfway finished.]

A day in the mountains.

A day on the beach.

A day at an amusement park in Portland. [Decided not to go because of the hot weather.]

A date night. [Dinner and a movie! We watched The Hundred-Foot Journey at our favorite little vintage theater in town, and it was lovely.]

A birthday party.

Middle school church group pool party (Levi)

3 hours at the coffee shop engaged in phenomenal conversation with dear friends at book club #4 (me)

Backpacks, snack bags, lunches, and clothes out for Monday morning


Well, that’s close enough. Ready or not, the school year officially begins tomorrow.